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Welcome to our Blog. The aim of this Blog is to cover topics related to Alberta electricity rates and Alberta natural gas prices. They might (or not) contain money saving tips, and/or energy saving tips. These Blog posts (or if you wish, please consider them to be articles), are intended to be both informative and helpful. New Blog posts / articles will be added from time to time, each as a separate page. It does take time to write interesting articles, at least we hope that you will find them to be interesting! Nothing worse than causing people to fall asleep, and do a face plant on their keyboard. Sometimes after they wake up, it can take hours for the keyboard imprint to disappear from their foreheads.

There do not seem to be a lot of Blogs out there, that cover Alberta electricity rates and Alberta natural gas prices, and related subjects, or sub-topics. We here at Ability Energy Inc. are very passionate about both topics, but I guess that is perfectly normal, as most people are very passionate about their work. There is a lot to talk about, especially given inflation, carbon taxes, and the high cost of living! Seems like inflation has not been this bad since the 1970's and 80's .

Alberta is a fast growing province, with a younger population than most provinces. Albertans have a really positive 'can do' attitude. The high cost of living can often seem like someone is trying to throw a wet blanket on that youthful enthusiasm. As Alberta has deregulated Alberta electricity rates and Alberta natural gas price, there is the potential for the residents of Alberta to perhaps save money on their Alberta electricity rates and Alberta natural gas prices. This in turn, may help them make their pay cheques stretch a little further, allowing a bit more money to spend on food and other necessities of life.

Alberta has numerous cities and towns, and even smaller places. Savings on Alberta electricity rates and Alberta natural gas prices are not only available in just Calgary or Edmonton, but in other places such as Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat to name but a few. Most every home in Alberta has the potential to save money on their home Alberta electricity rates and Alberta natural gas prices by signing up with Ability Energy or one of the other competitive price companies. So the below Blog posts / articles aim to help you save money through providing you with information, upon which you can make choices (or not). Whatever you decide, or not decide, please remember that knowledge is power.

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